culture and politics

‘Love and Dread in Modern Times’ in Emergency journal (1984)

Article in Emergency, No. 2 (1984) What was ‘Emergency’? After Big Flame folded, some of us tried out a different type of political intervention, this time confined to writing. I don’t know who had the idea first, but Pete Ayrton asked me to join up with Sarah Martin (like Pete, a member of Big Flame […]

Carnival in Leeds and London, UK: Making New Black British Subjectivities

This chapter, co-written with the late Geraldine Connor, creator of Carnival Messiah, was commissioned by Milla C Riggio ‘Carnival in Leeds and London, UK: Making New Black British Subjectivities’ by Geraldine Connor and Max Farrar can be downloaded here Carnival in Leeds and London [Connnor & Farrar chapter] This was published as a chapter in […]

Islamism and Terror – a Western way of doing politics

This chapter in an edited collection sets out in some detail the history of that tendency within Islam that has adopted an explicitly political strategy in order to introduce the Islamic ummah across the globe.  This tendency is usually referred to as ‘Islamism’ to distinguish it from the majority view that Islam is system of belief […]