4 responses to “ZYGMUNT BAUMAN — My appreciation, and thanks”

  1. Vic j.j.Seidler

    So lovely to read this Max and such a warm and loving reminder of Zygmunt.

    Warm wishes and stay warm


  2. Susan

    Thank you for this Max.
    Zygmunt was an inspiration and a delight.
    He was warm, fun and a wonderful teacher. Your article expresses my feelings towards him and I very much enjoyed reading it.
    I came to Leeds for the Taking Soundings meeting in 2016 in the hope of hearing him one last time. I brought a letter, it had taken me 35 years to write, to give to him. It explained how important his thinking and him, as a role model, teacher and man, had been to me. I blush to say that it was my first (and much more deserved!) ‘fan letter’ since David Cassidy (1973). Alas, the meeting was cancelled due to his ill-health (and I spent a very cold day walking around ‘memory lane’ in Leeds.)
    My very good friend Terry Wassall shared this article with me and I will now share it with my own students who have benefited from Professor Bauman’s work since 1982.)
    All best wishes,

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